• Canesten 3-Day Thrush Treatment Cream


    Esther’s Counselling Tips:

    • Thrush is a common condition which affects almost every woman at some stage in their lives
    • Thrush is caused by things such as: stress, during or after a course of antibiotics, when you are run down, pregnancy, diabetes, inadequate diet, hormonal imbalance such as around the time of your menstrual cycle or a weakened immune system
    • It is caused by an overproduction of yeasts which normally live in our bodies and is a harmless condition, although the symptoms can be irritating
    • If this is your first time you have had thrush-like symptoms, we recommend you get it diagnosed by a doctor
    • You may find it’s more convenient to insert the cream applicator at night, after showering and going to the bathroom – for 3 consecutive nights in a row
    • It is important to finish the 3-day cream and applicator course even if the thrush has cleared up and to go and see a doctor if the condition has not improved by the end of the course
    • SAFE to use in pregnancy or breastfeeding, although during pregnancy only insert the applicator half the way in

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