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  • Famciclovir Once 500mg 3 Tablets


    Esther’s Counselling Tips:

    • Famciclovir cold sore tablets are a one dose anti-viral treatment which is relatively new onto the pharmacy market
    • The three tablets are taken as one dose all at once, with or without food, at the first sign of your symptoms and can sometimes prevent the cold sore from coming out at all
    • The best results are seen when the tablets are taken within the first 1-2 hours of symptoms such as tingling, burning, itching or swelling
    • It is important not to repeat the treatment within 7 days (even if Famciclovir prevented the first outbreak)
    • This product is not recommended if the cold sore has already broken out on the skin as it will make little difference to the outcome
    • NOT to be taken in pregnancy or breastfeeding
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