Online Prescriptions (e-Prescriptions)

FREE delivery on any e-prescription or online order if you live in:

There are NO hidden fees or extra charges for this service (no held prescription / faxed prescription charges)

At The Pharmacy Collective we offer the service of Medicines Management - whereby your medications or natural health products are packaged into convenient dose time specific sachets which takes the hassle out of managing your medicines

The benefits of sachets include:

  • 2 month FREE TRIAL including a box to store the roll in
  • Packaging of non-prescription items such as vitamins and natural health products is encouraged
  • Hassle free medication management by state of the art robotic medicine packaging machine (no missed doses, no lost medication, reminder service when your prescription is about to run out)
  • Easy to tear sachets – a lot less cumbersome than blisterpacks, especially for the elderly
  • As many dose times as you want - simply tear the allocated dose time off the cellophane strip at the necessary time
  • $5 per dose time per month, up to a maximum of $20 per month capped (after 2 month free trial)
  • We will follow up with the doctor about any medication changes and can renew your prescription with the doctor (if permitted)

If this is a service you think yourself or a loved one would benefit from, please either ask your medical centre to write ‘robot packing’ in the email containing your prescription or give us a call on 0800 NZ PHCY for more information

We will get in touch with you to double check this is what you want and then we'll set about getting the medications packaged up