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Terms & Conditions

Price & Payment

– All prices of goods are quoted in NZ dollars and are inclusive of GST

– Prices are subject to change without notice

– We accept payment by credit card via eWay payment gateway into the bank account

The Pharmacy Collective Ltd
ANZ Bank Account 06 0956 0699995 00

– The Pharmacy Collective accepts all major credit cards including but not limited to: (insert small icons for Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay International)

– We require payment of all online shop orders before we courier the products out, we will not courier anything until payment has been made in full

– For prescription items, once we have received the e-prescription through the secure gateway we will calculate the cost of the prescription (based on NZ prescription charges)

– The customer will then be sent an email with an invoice from The Pharmacy Collective with a breakdown of the prescription costs and delivery fee (if any)

– The customer can then pay the prescription invoice via credit card through the eWay payment gateway – We will not courier any prescription medications until payment of the invoice has been made in full

– The 5%-off discount code will be included on the invoice, which can be redeemed next time the customer shops at our online store

– We will not add any extra fees or handling charges onto online e-prescriptions charges (such as held prescription fees or fax fees)

– The Pharmacy Collective Ltd will appear on bank statements

Shipping & Handling

– Shipping of prescription medications and shop products will be undertaken by the courier company NZ Couriers

– Orders are to be dispatched from The Pharmacy Collective once daily in the afternoon

– Prescription medications legally need to be signed for at drop-off, NZ couriers will not leave any prescription medications without signature

– If there is noone to sign for the parcel, the parcel will be taken back to NZ couriers and will be sent out again the following day, if there is noone there to sign for it it will sent out a 3rd time the following day. If, after the third time noone is there to sign for it, the parcel will be returned to the courier depot where The Pharmacy Collective will then collect the medication and it will be taken back to the pharmacy

– You will have to pay an additional courier fee to have the medication or shop product re-sent out to you, NZ Couriers policy is that once a product has tried being delivered three times it is up to the consumer to pay for it to be re-couriered

– The Pharmacy Collective cannot be held responsible for you missing to sign for your medication or shop products, it is a risk you take as the consumer and it is your responsibility that you are home when the medication is delivered

– If you are NOT going to be home on the day of delivery it is your responsibility to call us the same day the order was placed on 0800 NZ PHCY to organise an alternative collection day

Delivery Times & Costs

– FREE collection instore

– let us know at the checkout if this is your preferred option

– If you change your mind about what collection store, you need to notify us within the same day, otherwise you will need pay the following courier costs if you are not within the below catchment areas

– FREE Nationwide delivery on any order totalling $50 or more (excluding prescription charges)

– FREE local delivery catchments (no order size)

– Warkworth, Snells Beach, Omaha, Mahurangi, Matakana, Kaipara

– Rest of Auckland – $7.00 courier fee (for shop items)
– Rest of New Zealand (including rural) – $8.00 courier fee (for shop items)

– NZ Nationwide standard shipping of $6.00 for E-prescriptions (if not in free delivery area)

– All methods of delivery (excluding instore collection) are track and traced and signature is required at drop off

– Auckland – If the product/medication is in stock the delivery time is 1-3 business days

– North Island – If the product/medication is in stock the delivery time is 3-5 business days

– South Island – If the product/medication is in stock the delivery time is 3-7 business days

– The Pharmacy Collective does not currently ship overseas, all prices listed are for NZ delivery only, for shipping products overseas please contact dispensary@thepharmacycollective.co.nz

– If the product/medication is NOT in stock, The Pharmacy Collective will contact you by way of telephone or email and will update you on a delivery time frame

– All items are tracked and traced so if you have not received your goods in the above time frame please give us a call on 0800 NZ PHCY and we follow it up with NZ Couriers

Returns and Exchanges

– If goods are damaged/faulty upon delivery, you can return them within 10 working days from purchase date. Goods returned >10 working days after purchase date cannot be returned

– Call us on 0800 NZ PHCY (69 7429) or email accounts@thepharmacycollective.co.nz and use your online order number as a reference

– Returned goods which are not damaged (shop only) must be in their original packaging and not damaged or altered in any way and the contents must be in their original resaleable conditions

– The Pharmacy Collective will not accept returned goods that have been opened or used

– All returned products (shop only), either damaged/faulty or returned for another reason, must be shipped back by courier with a tracking number

– The Pharmacy Collective will NOT pay return shipping, therefore shipping charged on exchanged or returned products are payable by the customers

– Damaged goods while in transit must be returned via courier in original packaging and original courier packaging

– For lost items, you must notify us if you haven’t received the goods within 10 working days by calling 0800 NZ PHCY or emailing accounts@thepharmacycollective.co.nz

– A copy of the invoice emailed to you must be included in all returns

– Your email, postal address and telephone number must be clearly and correctly stated at the checkout when you place an order in case we need to contact you

– The Pharmacy Collective does not take responsibility if you do not supply this contact information and we cannot get in contact with you to discuss Returns/Refunds.

– The Pharmacy Collective adheres to New Zealand Pharmacy regulations – therefore we cannot accept any returned Pharmacist Only or Prescription Medications once they have been delivered

– In the rare event that an incorrect Prescription Medication has been delivered to you, or a Prescription Medication which has incorrect instructions in relation to the E-Prescription, The Pharmacy Collective will initially query this with the prescribing doctor and pharmacy staff involved

– If an error has found to be made The Pharmacy Collective will courier the correct medication to you free of charge – please contact us immediately on 0800 NZ PHCY if you would like to query a potential error

– This returns and exchanges policy applies to all orders made over the internet, in store and over the phone

Refund Policy

– We will refund using the same method used to make payment of the original order (reimbursement onto a credit card only)

– We will refund postage for damaged, defective or incorrectly sent items only

– we will refund postage which you have paid for to return the item to us and send out the amended item

– We will NOT refund postage on incorrectly ordered items – you as the consumer will have to pay the postage

– We will NOT give cash refunds for purchases made with a credit card

– This refund policy applies to all orders made over the internet, in store and over the phone

Return Address

– 7b Alnwick Street, Warkworth

Order Cancellations

– Once an order has been placed and paid for there is no cancellation on the product

Intellectual Property / Copyrights

– All of the content included on the website and social media accounts is the property of The Pharmacy Collective

– Social media accounts refer to Facebook, Instagram and Youtube accounts which are linked to The Pharmacy Collective

– The term ‘Content’ refers to – logos, graphics, photos, icons, text, images, health blog topics and videos, youtube channel videos,our personal pharmacist recommendations and line of questioning for Pharmacist Only Medication

– With reference to Pharmacist Only questions, these questions or a variation of these questions are required to be asked by a pharmacist at point of sale instore. Therefore a variation of these questions used by another website is acceptable, but they cannot be the same wording, layout or number of questions as shown under each pharmacist only product on The Pharmacy Collective website

– The compilation, collection, selection, arrangement and coordination of the Content available on this website and social media accounts is the exclusive property of The Pharmacy Collective and is protected by New Zealand and international copyright laws

– Any use of this Content other than personal shopping or information gathering including but not limited to: reproduction, modification, distribution, republication or display for any other purposes – is strictly prohibited

– The Pharmacy Collective, all information included on www.thepharmacycollective.co.nz , Instagram ‘The Pharmacy Collective’, Facebook ‘The Pharmacy Collective’ and Youtube ‘The Pharmacy Collective’, graphics, logos, pharmacist-only medication questions and personal slogans (Esther’s Favourites/Esther Recommends, Andrew’s Favourites/Andrew Recommends and our elevator pitch on the homepage) are the trademarks of The Pharmacy Collective

Personal Liability

– The content contained on this website and social media pages is provided on an “as is” basis with no warranty whatsoever by The Pharmacy Collective

– Furthermore The Pharmacy Collective makes no representations of any kind for the operation of the website, as well as for all information, products, materials and services as associated

– To the extent of permissible law The Pharmacy Collective disclaims all warranties and representations

– The Pharmacy Collective Ltd does not warrant that any information on The Pharmacy Collective website is accurate, current or complete, or free from errors or defects

– The Pharmacy Collective Ltd is not liable for any damages arising from the use of this site

– By using this website you agree that in no event will The Pharmacy Collective or any other party involved in creating, producing or delivering this website or any social media account linked to this website, be liable to you in any manner whatsoever for any decision made or action or non-action taken by you in reliance upon the information provided through this website

– This limitation of liability applies to damages of any kind, including direct, indirect and incidental, loss of income, profit, data, property and claims by third parties

– The Pharmacy Collective makes no warranty that the site will meet your requirements

– This website and social media accounts do not contain information about all diseases, nor do they contain all medical information that may be relevant

– The information on this website is not intended for diagnosis and cannot provide a diagnosis for any particular individual and should not be used as a substitute for seeking professional medical advice

– The Pharmacy Collective website contains content provided by third parties, for such content The Pharmacy Collective is a distributor and not a publisher

– There are no warranties made as to the completeness, accuracy, or reliability of information published by The Pharmacy Collective

– All recommendations and opinions on The Pharmacy Collective are unbiased and are instead used as a product guideline, no product is preferred as opposed to another on the website

– The Pharmacy Collective does not rank or prefer certain product verses another, no brand or medication is preferred above another, all pharmacy products are equal

– The term ‘endorse’ indicates that we endorse you to use the product, not endorse the product instead or above another product

– The term ‘recommend’ indicates that we recommend you to use the product, not recommend the product instead or above another product

– You acknowledge by your use of the site, that your use of the site is at your sole risk, that you assume full responsibility for any of the outcomes due to your use of the website

Prescription Medicines & Charges

– A prescription medication legally needs to be prescribed by a New Zealand registered doctor

– We DO NOT accept prescriptions written by any overseas doctors

– We DO NOT share any of your personal information regarding medications or conditions with anyone

– By sending us your e-prescription you give us permission to contact the prescribing doctor or healthcare related workers (midwife, specialist, GP, nurse) if we need to query the medication/dose/instructions on the prescription

– For some patients, who have regular long-term medication, their GPs surgery allows them to automatically request a renewal of their prescription (with associated renewal charges from the GP practise) – if you are one of these patients The Pharmacy Collective, with your permission, can try and renew your prescription with your GP saving you the hassle

– The Pharmacy Collective will NOT pay the prescription renewal charge issued by your GP surgery on your behalf – this is something you as the customer has to sort with your GP practise before the e-prescription is generated and sent to The Pharmacy Collective

– The service of organising a prescription renewal (if permitted) is a free service provided by The Pharmacy Collective

– The service of prescription renewal is not available for all patients, including but not limited to: patients with new medications, patients who’s medications have changed, patients on antibiotics, children’s medications, or narrow therapeutic range medicines such as warfarin

– The GPs practise has the right to refuse renewal of the prescription if they do not wish to provide the service or if the doctor wants to see the patient before renewing the prescription

– The GPs practise decision on this matter is final and non-negotiable, The Pharmacy Collective accepts and respects whatever decision is made by the surgery

– Any new prescription medications will have information sheets provided

– Any changes in medications or dosages will be clearly outlined to the customer

– E-prescriptions legally must have a unique corresponding barcode which we will then scan and information will be downloaded via secure server to our pharmacy

– We cannot dispense any regular prescriptions emailed to us, they need to be e-prescriptions

– Any faxed prescriptions that are sent to us needs to be faxed from the doctors surgery and the original must be posted to us and received within 7 days

– All prescription items will have Hickeys Pharmacy Ltd labelling on them

– Hickeys Pharmacy Ltd is a licensed New Zealand pharmacy which The Pharmacy Collective operates out of

– We will NOT courier out prescriptions until payment of the invoice has been made in full

– You legally need to sign for the prescription when it is delivered, no prescriptions will be left unattended

– For fully subsidised medications, the customer will pay the NZ government standard $5 per prescription item, up to a maximum of 20 prescription items, then the fully subsidised medications become free until the end of the pharmacy year (each pharmacy year starts 1st February)

– For partially subsidised medications, the customer will pay the NZ government standard $5 per prescription item, plus the remaining amount left over after the government subsidy (ie. if the medicine costs $100 and the government only subsidises $40 then the customer pays $60+$5=$65)

– For unsubsidised medications, the customer will pay the full cost of the medication plus the additional NZ government standard $5 charge

– There are certain medications where we reserve the rights to cover our costs, we will outline the price to the customer before we place an order for the medication

– A contact email for the customer needs to be included on the e-prescription so the invoice can be sent to it

– We will always contact the customer via email regarding the price before we order the medication and courier the prescription medications out to customers

– We will NOT courier any prescription medications before we have received payment of the invoice in full

Pharmacist Only

– Pharmacist Only Medications are restricted medications only available from a pharmacist

– Therefore they are limited to 1 pack, per transaction

– To purchase a Pharmacist Only medication you will have to fill out a questionnaire which will be reviewed by a pharmacist before the sale is approved

– By filling out the questionnaire you agree to the terms that the answers provided will be reviewed by one of our pharmacists and a decision will be made about supplying you the product

– The Pharmacy Collective is entitled to decline your purchase of a pharmacist only medication if we assert our professional judgement that the medication is not right for you, our decision about the sale is final and non-negotiable

– If our decision is to decline the sale of the Pharmacist Only medication, the purchase will be refunded

– You need to leave a contact phone number at the checkout, so that the pharmacist is able to contact you if we require additional information or to provide counselling

– Pharmacist Only medications are only available from a pharmacist. If symptoms persist see your doctor or health professional. Use only as directed. Always read the label

Pharmacy Only Medications

– Pharmacy Only Medicines are medicines only available for sale from a pharmacy

– Due to the nature of these medications The Pharmacy Collective reserves the right to restrict the purchase of quantities greater than 1 item per transaction on certain products where we feel as though they have potential for abuse or harm in large quantities

– The Pharmacy Collective reserves the right to query or decline ANY transaction (meaning online, shop or telephone purchase) where we as a pharmacist assert our professional judgement that this product may be potentially being used for abuse or harm to an individual, our decision about the sale is final and non-negotiable

– If a transaction is declined the customer will be refunded

Terms & Conditions

– The Terms & Conditions of The Pharmacy Collective website, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube accounts are issued by New Zealand based The Pharmacy Collective Limited and are effective from 1st June 2018

– The sale of all products and services on The Pharmacy Collective website are subject to the following Terms & Conditions

– The Pharmacy Collective reserves the right to refuse the sale of any product or service or medicine where we deem appropriate

– Every effort will be made to try and provide you with the order that you have placed, however we do not accept liability should we decline an order or fail to supply you with it due to unforeseen circumstances

– The Pharmacy Collective guarantees the protection of your credit card information

– The Pharmacy Collective guarantees that we will never share, sell or disseminate in any form any of the information that we collect from you during our period of business

– Only one discount code can be used at any one time

– Discount codes cannot be used for: pharmacist only medications, prescription medications

– In accordance with Medicines Act 1984 there are no therapeutic claims made on The Pharmacy Collective website or social accounts

– we make no claims that these medications or products will make you better, or improve your quality of life

– By purchasing a product, you agree to the terms that you know the risks of using these products and are aware of their side effects, how to use them and when to refer to a pharmacist before using them – as stated on the Medicine Uses / Doses / Ingredients / Refer section for each product

– The Pharmacy Collective DOES NOT accept liability for any harm to yourself or anyone else who uses products purchased from the website – by purchasing off the website you as the consumer accepts these risks

– Use only as directed, if symptoms persist see your doctor or health professional. Always read the label. Vitamins are supplementary to a balanced diet

– Available only from your pharmacist. Use only as directed, if symptoms persist see your doctor or health professional. Always read the label.

– The Pharmacy Collective reserves the right to decline the sale of ANY pharmacist-only or pharmacy-only medications where we deem appropriate, our decision is final and non-negotiable

– All products on The Pharmacy Collective Website, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube accounts are for HUMAN USE ONLY

– NO products on our social media accounts have been tested or used on animals