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  • Losec Extra 20mg Omeprazole 28 Tablets

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    Andrew’s counselling tips:

    • Losec Extra is recommended for the treatment of indigestion, reflux or excess stomach acid
    • It works by blocking the production of acid from the stomach, thereby decreasing the symptoms associated with reflux
    • Losec Extra is formulated at a ONCE daily dosing – if you don’t get any relief from taking one tablet once daily for 2 weeks we recommend you give us a call to discuss other options or see your doctor
    • Do not crush or chew the tablets, they are formulated so that they work in a specific area of your gut
    • Do not use for more than 14 days continuously unless recommended by a doctor
    • Not recommended for use under the age of 18, unless directed by a doctor
    • NOT to be taken in pregnancy or breastfeeding
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  • Voltaren Rapid 25mg 30 Tablets


    Andrew’s Counselling Tips:

    • Voltaren Rapid 25mg is a product which can be used as a short-term anti-inflammatory for a variety of conditions including: muscles aches & pain, arthritis, backache, headache and period pain
    • It is only recommended for short-term use of no longer than a few days unless recommended by a doctor and the maximum daily dose should not be exceeded
    • Voltaren tablets need to be taken with food (preferably a main meal) otherwise it may cause stomach upset
    • It should NOT be taken within the first 48 hours after an injury as it may delay the body’s natural healing process, it’s better to RICE the injury – Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate
    • NOT to be taken in pregnancy or breastfeeding, unless recommended by a doctor
    • NOT to be taken if asthmatic, or with a history of stomach ulcers
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  • Otrivin Adult Nasal Spray 60 Sprays


    Andrew’s counselling tips:

    • Otrivin is a fantastic decongestant nasal spray which has an immediate local effect for a blocked nose within 1 to 2 minutes
    • However, overuse of Otrivin leads to a condition called ‘rebound congestion’. This is when the nasal passages get used to Otrivin’s local effect and when you stop using Otrivin your initial nasal congestion comes back, sometimes even worse than when you started
    • Therefore keep Otrivin use to a maximum of 3 days in a row, then take a break from it
    • If you’re wanting a long-term safe alternative to Otrivin, Flixonase or NeilMed could be the product for you
    • NOT to be used in pregnancy or breastfeeding
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  • Codral Cold & Flu + Cough 24 Capsules


    Andrew’s counselling tips:

    • Codral Cold + Flu & Cough helps with cold and flu-like symptoms as the paracetamol reduces pain and fever, phenylephrine dries up a runny nose and dextromethorphan acts as cough suppressant for that dry irritating cough
    • Chlorpheniramine which is in the night-time tablets is a sedating antihistamine which lets you have a well rested night
    • I also really like to have a pack of cough lozenges on hand to help and try to soothe the throat when you have a cough
    • NOT to be used in pregnancy and breastfeeding
    • Night-time capsules can cause drowsiness
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  • SOOV Bite Cream 25g


    Andrew’s counselling tips:

    • SOOV Bite Cream is a combination product which contains both a local anaesthetic to numb the itchy area and a mild antiseptic to stop the bite from potentially becoming infected
    • As a cream only works where you apply it, if there are lots of bites or stings on the body it may be useful to combine the product with something like an antihistamine tablet or liquid, which once absorbed into the bloodstream will work all over the body
    • It is a gentle product which can be used from the ages of 2 and over
    • I always let my customers know that if there is redness around the bite or sting site, draw a border around the redness with a pen and if the redness advances outside of the border whilst applying SOOV then I suggest you go see a doctor
    • NOT to be used in pregnancy or breastfeeding
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  • Clear Eyes Redness Eye Drops 10mL


    Andrew’s counselling tips:

    • Clear Eyes can be used to relieve eye redness caused by allergies, irritation, swimming or surfing and the effects of the night before
    • Clear Eyes is NOT suitable for prolonged use and products such as Livostin, Refresh or Systane are suitable alternatives for long-term use
    • It should NOT be used while wearing soft contact lenses, put your contact lenses in 15 minutes after using Clear Eyes
    • Discard the bottle 4 weeks after opening
    • NOT to be used in pregnancy or breastfeeding
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