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  • Spatone Liquid Iron Supplement 28 Sachets


    Esther’s counselling tips:

    • Iron is an essential component in our red blood cells which helps them to transport oxygen around the body
    • You can become iron deficient through imbalances in the diet, during pregnancy or menstruation
    • When you are low in iron the body has a diminished capacity to transport oxygen around the body and therefore you feel sluggish and fatigued
    • Spatone contains iron in a liquid sachet which is more efficiently absorbed compared to tablet forms
    • Therefore this increases the amount of iron absorbed into the body and reduces the incidence of side effects such as constipation
    • Some people find that Spatone sachets aren’t particularly flavoursome and what I recommend is try combining it with juice to mask the taste
    • Iron isn’t recommended to be taken at the same time as other medications, multivitamins or antacids
    • SAFE to be taken in pregnancy or breastfeeding
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