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  • Inner Health Plus Dairy Free 90 Capsules


    Esther’s Counselling Tips:

    • Inner Health Dairy Free Capsules are probiotic’s which may help to maintain a healthy digestive function and could be useful in people with the symptoms of bloating, gas, flatulence or vaginal thrush
    • 70% of your immune system comes from your gut, so if the levels of bacteria are depleted you might find that you take longer to get better, infections may recur or you are more prone to conditions such as thrush or diarrhoea
    • It’s great to take as a supplement if you have been taking a course of antibiotics, as it can help to replenish the levels of good bacteria in your gut
    • Contains no dairy and lactose and is free from gluten, wheat, corn, eggs and nuts
    • SAFE to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding
    • This product should be stored long-term in the fridge once you receive it, however the products integrity will not diminish during shipping
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