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  • Nu-Lax Natural Fruit Laxative 500g 50 Doses


    Esther’s counselling tips:

    • Nu-Lax is an organic all fruit laxative which is a great drug-free alternative to treat constipation
    • Figs and dates in Nu-Lax act as a good source of dietary fibre for a sluggish digestive system
    • Senna acts to stimulate the bowel muscles to move stools through
    • The best way to take Nu-Lax is with a large glass of water just before you go to bed
    • Unlike other stimulant laxatives, Nu-Lax is a gentle alternative which generally works overnight and relief can be found the next morning
    • It can be used in conjunction with product’s such as Lactulose Syrup or Coloxyl & Senna for stubborn constipation
    • NOT to be taken in pregnancy or breastfeeding, unless recommended by a doctor
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