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  • Radiance Kids Gummies Probiotic 45s


    Esther’s counselling tips:

    • Radiance Kids Probiotic Gummies are one of my favourite brands of children’s multivitamins as they are 99% sugar free and have a delicious raspberry flavour
    • Sometimes when children take antibiotics they kill not only the bad bacteria but also all the good bacteria
    • This can make children prone to an upset tummy, becoming rundown and recurrent infections – that’s why I always recommend having a probiotic to give your child when they take antibiotics
    • They contain a probiotic strain of bacteria which is known to support a healthy gut microflora so that children have gut and bowel regularity and help your child get better faster
    • They come in a once-daily dosage and contain no gluten, dairy, artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners
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