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  • Buccaline 7 Tablets


    Esther’s Counselling Tips:

    • Buccaline is pharmacies secret weapon against the secondary infections due to colds
    • It’s a great product for people who find that when they get sick, they get so sick they need to go to the doctor for antibiotics
    • Buccaline doesn’t stop you getting sick but instead provides your immune system with a low level of bacteria which creates an immune response in the body and therefore if/when you do get sick it helps the body to fight it off
    • Buccaline cannot be taken if you are currently sick or if you have had the flu vaccination in the last week
    • Buccaline provides you with 3 months antibacterial cover and therefore the course should be repeated twice during the winter season
    • It can be used in addition to, but not as an alternative to the flu vaccine (we recommend to have your flu vaccination and then a week later take a course of Buccaline)
    • NOT to be taken in pregnancy – unless recommended by a doctor
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