hair lice

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  • Parasidose Extra Strength Combo Pack 200mL + 100mL


    Esther’s counselling tips:

    • There are lots of different head lice products available – some natural, some medicated and different parents prefer certain brands over others 
    • There isn’t a better or worse product, it’s just good to find a product that suits your family
    • The combo pack includes everything you need in one kit (shampoo, shower cap, repellant and comb)
    • The shower cap makes sure the powerful shampoo has a long contact time with the hair and the comb is essential for getting rid of dead lice and their eggs 
    • The lice repellent is a useful prophylactic if you’re worried about your child becoming reinfected
    • The solution is reasonably potent so some may find that they have a mild allergic reaction to it (especially if it is their first time), if this occurs discontinue use
    • Not to be used in children under 3 unless on medical advice
    • If contact with eyes or nose occurs rinse thoroughly with fresh water
    • NOT to be used in pregnancy or breastfeeding
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