Imodium Zapid Tablets 12s

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  • Imodium Zapid Diarrhoea Tablets 12s


    Andrew’s counselling tips:

    • Imodium Zapid tablets melt on your tongue without the need to be taken with water – so it’s a perfect product to have if your travelling overseas
    • Imodium Zapid works by slowing down your gut movement which decreases the number of bowel motions and therefore limits dehydration through diarrhoea
    • The main counselling point that we discuss with our customers is the importance of rehydration alongside Imodium, such as by using SOS Hydration sachets
    • Water is useful as a rehydration method however, it doesn’t contain the essential electrolytes needed for the body’s recovery that is in the SOS sachets
    • Fruit juices, soft drinks (including flat lemonade) and energy drinks can actually make you more dehydrated due to their high sugar content
    • For children under 12 it is best to offer them rehydration instead of treating with Imodium Zapid. If the diarrhoea hasn’t improved in 48 hours, see your doctor
    • During pregnancy, it is better to stick to replenishing fluids and electrolytes and wait for the diarrhoea to improve over 24-48 hours
    • NOT to be taken in pregnancy or breastfeeding, unless recommended by a doctor
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