Nurofen 200mg 96 Tablets

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  • Nurofen 200mg 96 Tablets


    Andrew’s counselling tips:

    • Nurofen is really useful as an anti-inflammatory for conditions such as headache/migraine, toothache, muscle aches and period pain
    • It’s better to use Nurofen for Children for children under the age of 7 as you can taper the dose to their specific age and/or weight
    • Studies have shown that Nurofen no longer needs to be taken with food, however if you feel as though it upsets your stomach try to time your dose with your meal times
    • Nurofen can be taken alongside Paracetamol/Panadol, however it’s important to not exceed the maximum daily dose of both
    • NOT to be taken in pregnancy or breastfeeding, unless recommended from a doctor
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