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  • Duro-Tuss Dry Cough Liquid Forte 200mL

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    Andrew’s counselling tips:

    • Duro-Tuss Dry Cough contains the active ingredient Pholcodeine which is a cough suppressant
    • Pholcodeine helps to stop you coughing when you have a dry irritating cough
    • The cough liquid can be taken in conjunction with lozenges to help soothe the throat
    • SAFE to use in pregnancy and breastfeeding (Category A – research shows that a large number of pregnant/breastfeeding women have taken it, with no side effect to baby)
    • Shake before use, sugar free, gluten free, lactose free
    • Not suitable for children under 12 year (consult with the pharmacist before use in under 12s)
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