systane ultra lubricating single use vials

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  • Systane Ultra Lubricating Single Use Vials 24s


    Esther’s counselling tips:

    • Systane Ultra UD comes in convenient individual containers so if you need short term relief you can open one bottle at a time and leave the rest unopened in the box (which has a 6 month expiry)
    • Each of the containers has approximately enough drops to last for one day and you can use them as many times a day as you want
    • It soothes irritated eyes by acting like ‘grease in a car engine’ so that your eyes don’t feel dry and uncomfortable
    • It’s a great product for people who spend long hours looking at a computer screen
    • It is a preservative-free formulation which is suitable for use with contact lens
    • SAFE to use in pregnancy or breastfeeding
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