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Normacol Plus Laxative 500g


Esther’s counselling tips:

  • One of the ingredients in Normacol Plus swells when it comes into contact with fluids which causes an increase in the volume of the contents of the gut which causes a stimulation of the gut muscle
  • The other ingredient acts as a mild stimulant in the bowel to push the stool out
  • Place the granules on the tongue (bit by bit if necessary) and without chewing swallow the granules with a glass of water
  • When I have given this product in the past to my children I have added the granules to something like honey or jam and then given it to my kids
  • Unlike some of the other gentle laxatives out there this product should NOT be given just before bed, I recommend giving it first thing in the morning so that you don’t lie down after taking it
  • Not recommended for children under 6 years of age
  • Can be used in conjunction with Laevolac syrup for stubborn constipation
  • NOT to be taken in pregnancy or breastfeeding – we would recommend something like PHLOE or Laevolac syrup

Use only as directed, if symptoms persist see your doctor or health professional. Always read the label. Vitamins are supplementary to a balanced diet.

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What the medication can be used for:

  • Constipation



  • Adults and Children from 12 years and up, take 1 to 2 heaped teaspoonfuls once to twice daily after meals
  • Children 6 to 12 years, take 1 heaped teaspoonfuls once daily after meals


Active Ingredients:

  • 62% w/w Sterculia
  • 8% w/w Frangula Bark


Check with the pharmacist before taking if you are:

  • Anyone who has any stomach/intestine/bowel surgery
  • Children under 12 years
  • If you are taking any other prescription medications
  • If you have any allergies
  • If you have tried taking this product for 7 days with no effect



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