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Zovirax Antiviral Pump 2g

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Esther’s counselling tips:

  • Herpes is a virus that affects up to 40% of the population, although the majority don’t show any symptoms
  • Zovirax is a penetrating formulation which helps speed up the healing time of the outbreak (can reduce it by up to 50%)
  • It contains dimethicone which absorbs easily into the skin and aciclovir as an antiviral agent which inhibits the multiplication of the cold sore virus
  • Apply it up to 5 times daily as early as possible and continue until the infection has cleared
  • NOT to be used in pregnancy or breastfeeding or around the eye area

Use only as directed, if symptoms persist see your doctor or health professional. Always read the label. Vitamins are supplementary to a balanced diet.

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What the medication can be used for:

  • Cold sores
  • Herpes
  • Fever blisters
  • Lip health



  • At the first sign of the tingle or blister apply up to 5 times daily for duration of outbreak


Active Ingredients:

  • Aciclovir 5%


Check with the pharmacist before taking if you are:

  • If symptoms persist for greater than 14 days of use
  • Children under 10 years of age



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